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Please note that you have the option to submit your report anonymously, but if you provide your identity, it will help us investigate more effectively. We guarantee that all investigations are conducted with the highest level of integrity, including maintaining confidentiality, which means that information will only be shared with those who have a need to know. In addition, Solvilla maintains a strict anti-retaliation policy, which means that reporting persons or anyone else who cooperates with an investigation will not be subject to any adverse treatment for having done so. Given these assurances, we strongly encourage you to provide your identity when reporting. However, if you still prefer to remain anonymous, it is crucial that you give a detailed description of your concerns in this report and keep an eye on it for any questions or comments from the investigator.
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  • Be sure to include any information that may be valuable for the assessment and final resolution of this situation, including: The nature of the events (how the incident occurred, who was involved, etc.), any witnesses, if applicable, provide names and locations.
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